Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #105

  1. Scientists extract images directly from brain. If true, very cool.

  2. The Internet Archive launches free scan-on-demand for public domain books.

  3. Kankan Chadash discusses the possible implications of Rabbi Cunin's statement about how the Rebbe runs the world.

  4. Mystical Paths on Whisperings From Lakewood. Make of it what you will. And a post about messianic hopes and Gluckel of Hamelin. Here is my parshablog post on the relevant section of Gluckel's diary.

  5. At Life In Israel, a report on violence in Bet Shemesh. And see the post, and discussion, at Emes veEmunah.
    There has to be some way to reach them and make them understand that the disease of Charedi violence in the name of God - is far worse than the disease of tolerating a lesser standard in others.
  6. Ishim veShitot reprints a funny Gadol-story, probably not true.

  7. Bluke discusses a kol korei, following Rav Elyashiv's statement on sheitels. And a question on parshat Vayeitzei - if Yaakov thought that Leah was Rachel, wouldn't that create a pegam?

  8. WolfishMusings on the parsha, and parents playing favorites. Plus a song-and-dance number.

  9. Dreaming of Moshiach on another possible identity of Gog -- Ahmadinejad.

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