Thursday, December 04, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #100

  1. This brings back memories. Still defenses of Dan Rather and the fake Killian memos. See here and then here.

  2. Bush pardons 14, and cuts prison time for 2 others. Once again a presidential term is drawing to an end, and once again, we are trying to get a commuted sentence for Jonathan Pollard. See this post at LifeOfRubin, and the Jonathan Pollard website. Apparently, written letters about this are more effective than emails, online petitions, or phone calls.

  3. A tale of a rabbi assaulted in shul, from a while back. But then, I recall a kohen gadol pelted with etrogim...

  4. At GrokLaw, the repercussions of the Lori Drew case, in which violating terms of service of a web site would be considered a felony, punishable by jail-time, effectively making any web site administrator able to write law. This will in all likelihood be overturned. And here is a related article from Wired, explaining the perspective of the jurors.

  5. MOChassid begins discussing the coming crisis for Jewish institutions, due to the downturn of the economy.

  6. BlogInDb continues his review of The Torah Is Not Hefker. See parts 4, 5 and 6.

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