Monday, December 22, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #107

  1. How elitism causes the phenomenon of kids at risk.

  2. Why listen to the Lubavitcher rebbe as opposed to other "mekubalim" about details of mashiach, such as "no Jew will be left behind?"

  3. The Klausenberger Rebbe on Mumbai. Not really, but here is a roundup. (here, here, here.) My own thoughts on the matter to follow, in a different post.

  4. Last year, a posting at A Simple Jew on Peyos up or down, a topic I discussed in this recent post.

  5. Divrei Chaim on Hilchos Borer, and taking the sticker off an apple on Shabbos.

  6. At Cross Currents, Rabbi Avi Shafran posts his remarks on ethics and kashrut.

  7. The Forward has an article on "I Want to be a Rebbe" video.

  8. Chaptzem doesn't like the tznius standards of kosher women's clothing site.

  9. Finally fighting back in Ramat Bet Shemet B, at Life In Israel and in the Five Towns Jewish Times.

  10. Frum Satire notes that in Ramot, the "tznius police" want separate grocery lines. Wolfish Musings wonders what is next. Though unfortunately many of the suggested nexts are indeed already in force in some communities.

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