Sunday, December 07, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #101

  1. Shirat Devorah on messages and dreams. I don't believe that there was anything to this particular dream from the husband, and the minyan in the house seems somewhat problematic. The message about Obama may well have just reflected the dream recipient's own concerns about him.

  2. Mom in Israel has a guest post at Orthonomics about girls' seminaries and the need to find Shabbos meals out, hosted by Israeli families. And she has a post on her own blog about how Takana finds against Sylvie of Megeirot.

  3. Burger King conducts a taste test with poor villagers who have never tasted a burger before. A commercial, and research, in quite poor taste.

  4. Mumbai min haTorah minayin -- a dvar Torah from a friend of the victims, at Yeshiva World. "Mum Bo." But it unfortunately is along the trend of using gematrias and such to support free association. And an anecdote of kissing the Rebbe's picture after Shema, and how that picture remained intact on the wall. The reaction of the commenters there is interesting.

  5. HaEmtza on producing the well-rounded Orthodox Jew.

  6. Achas LeMaalah claims that Lavan was the precursor for the father-in-law of the kollel learner, based on a Tiferes Yehonasan. I don't really agree, and may make it into a parshablog post. But you can see my comments, and other comments, there. And see Lion of Zion on Seforno's Work Ethic.

  7. Geulah Perspectives on the "end of the psak," where Rav Kanievsky denies having said anything about bomb shelters on Chanukkah. And points us to here, where is similar message is being promulgated.

  8. FrumSatire gets his YouTube account suspended.

  9. The Maggid of Bergenfield on Vayeitzei.

  10. Via HaMercaz, R' Cunin saying that "they will understand that it is the Rebbe who runs this world until he comes to take us out of Galus now." Presumably, this will be explained as צדיק גוזר והקדוש ברוך הוא מקיים. But regardless, it gives us misnagdim (and perhaps many chassidim) the heebie jeebies -- to ascribe divine attributes to a venerated yet deceased human being, while connecting to belief in his messiah-ship.

  11. And also from there, a plan to reuse Agriprocessors salt to salt the roads for snow.

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