Thursday, April 17, 2008

Introducing the Absolut Haggada, 2008 Edition

Now bumped to the top. An friend of mine recently forwarded me this year's edition of the Absolut Haggadah. Once again, the authors are remaining anonymous. I did not get a chance yet to review it and see what changes there are (perhaps I will have a chance later), but here is what I wrote about it last year:
An assessment of their general aims with this haggadah: They try to avoid fluffy, homiletic divrei Torah. They try to avoid vertlach. Where they ask famous questions, they try to get to the underlying peshat of what the haggadah is trying to say, what the basis of the derashot are, and what the haggadah is trying to accomplish at each step. Thus, they also provide an introduction to the structure of the haggadah, and introduce things as Rav's introduction and Shmuel's introduction, etc.. All done in a conversational style.

As mentioned above, they would like comments, and would like people to forward it to others, so feel free to do so.
They would appreciate feedback -- that is, suggestions of what they could improve, praise, etc., at the following email address: ABSOLUTHAGGADAH@GMAIL.COM

They also will be checking the comment section of this post, so you can add your comments below as well.

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