Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #25

  1. Hashem is *not* here
    • Assuring an Uncle Moishe concert
  2. Rav Elyashiv and Rav Steinman ban dangerous chareidi newspapers, competitors to Yated. Another reason to be glad Israel is not a theocracy.
  3. An effort to "clean up" a store in Monsey that sells women's apparel, perfume, and cosmetics? At DovBear.
  4. At Wired, a story quite representative of the entire issue,
    "The Chinese bribed the Nepalese to make the mountain a police state," Benitez said. "I've been a mountaineer my whole life and I've never seen anything like it."
  5. SerandEz has a post about saying lashon hara about YU. And Emes veEmuna posts his take.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the Uncle Moishie Concert:

I've had an urge to do this numerous times (not at concerts, but to people who sing the song).

They get the impression that Hashem is everything, while this is a major philosophical disagreement between Chasidim (specifically - Chabad), and non-Chasidim (specifically - the Gr"a).

It's great how such important issues get summed up in songs to little 2 year old kids, who grow up thinking that G-d is physical, and he is here and there.

Don't even think about asking me "The Torah states מלוא כל הארץ כבודו"?


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