Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Pizza After Pesach Segulah


It is not so, so important to have chametz immediately after Pesach, such that one would be willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a pie. Yet that is what happened last year in this ebay auction for the first pizza after Pesach from Pizza Time (proceeds went to charity). And now, to bolster this advertising gimmick and charity, they resort to the awful practice of promoting it as a segulah.

To cite from the ebay auction:

Here we go again!!

You are bidding on the right to buy the first Pizza after Pesach from the world famus PIZZA TIME on Avenue J in Brooklyn, NY.

You will also have the right to walk into Pizza Time every motzei shabbat in May (2008) and not wait in line!!


Last year the bid went for $720.00!! (which went to the Sephardic Bikur Holim)

After 1 week the winner found some old gold in his house and sold it for ..... $720.00!!

Good investment!

After 1 month he won a car lease in a Chineese Auction valued at...


10 times the price he paid!!

We dont give guarantees but..... who knows????

The fact is that people who have $720 to spend on nonsense are more likely to have old gold lying around, not just what he happened to find. And such people are likely to participate in many Chinese auctions. Eventually, they pay off. Meanwhile, the casting of tzedakka as segulah promotes segulah-ism, which I don't think is good for chareidi Judaism in general.

Update: I certainly agree that this could be a joke. At the very least, it was said half-jokingly, which was how I read it.

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Anonymous said...

I think somone needs to get himself a sence of humor no one acctualy belives that


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