Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #20

  1. Introducing the 2008 edition of the Absolut Haggadah.
  2. In The Jewish Press, an argument for drinking the fifth cup. I am not convinced, but anyway:
    Rabbi Menachem Kasher, in his edition of the Haggadah, strongly advocates drinking the fifth cup. The Cup of Elijah can be passed to all the participants as the fifth cup. Rabbi Kasher believes that we have been privileged to live in a time when the fifth expression of redemption has actually come to pass, and the Jewish People has returned to its own land and established the State of Israel. Therefore, it is right and proper that we drink a fifth cup to recognize that reality and express our gratitude and thanksgiving to G-d.
  3. OnTheMainLine points to the interesting post at HolyHyrax about changing Haggada illustrations from the 16th century to fit modern religious sensibilities. I remember when I was reworking a centuries-old ketuba for a new couple, and they had me take out the cherubs because it was not frum to have them there.
  4. Balashon has a post on the development of the meaning of the word mesubin.
  5. A lawsuit about a derivative work based on Harry Potter.
  6. All of Rif on Pesachim, over at my Alfasi blog.

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Yehuda said...

I just made a post on kos chamishi. You might find it interesting.


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