Monday, January 07, 2008

Introducing Tanach Linkify 1.5

Update, Jan 7, 2008: At the moment this is still in the sandbox, and will continue to be until someone posts a review of the extension, at which point I can "nominate" it to be taken out of the sandbox. Still, you can get it, but you need to get yourself a login to the site first. Which is a bit annoying. Perhaps I'll update once more, with an alternate location to download it.

Original post: This has been a while in coming, just because I never got around to it. My free Firefox extension, Tanach Linkify, is now up at the Firefox extensions website.

This one has little change over the previous version. It was just that moving to Firefox 2.0.0.* broke it, and so I corrected the internal information, that it works with Firefox 2.0.

For those of you that are not familiar with what it does, it takes plaintext references to pesukim on any webpage, such as Bereishit 3:5 and Shemos 4:5 and replaces them with links to that text (in Hebrew and linear English translation) at mechon-mamre. It also finds references to pages of gemara, such as Bava Basra 3b and replaces them with links to that daf at e-daf.

I have plans for developing it further, but that is in the future.


Josh M. said...

I've been eagerly awaiting the new release. Thanks!

micha berger said...

I'm also quite excited. Although at this point, for Tanakh I'd personally use rather than Mechon Mamre. The page links to a wider variety of sources.

I wish I had the time to hack Linkify, but I have so many other things I should better invest the time on.



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