Friday, January 18, 2008

The Age of Trup -- part xiii

Continuing Shadal's Vikuach Al Chochmat Hakabbalah. He now rejects a proof as to early nikkud from a derasha in a Yerushalmi. (See previous segment here.)

The author: The matters seem to be as you speak. However, the matter is still not clear, and it is possible for a litigant to cast doubt in it, and we are in need of clear proofs.

And now, behold I have mentioned one phrasing from Talmud Yerushalmi, and it is half a proof on the early date of the nikkud.

And this is the language of the Yerushalmi (in the beginning of Kiddushin) " ובשביעית it is written," and Rabbi Yehoshu bon Benshati explains "uvasheviit it is written, with a patach, and not beshviit with a chirik, to teach that there is in it a definite article, and it is returning to the topic of the acquisition mentioned in ki tikneh, and if so it is the sheviit of sale." End quote.

And behold, with their saying "it is written," and such that they did not say "uvasheviit we read," it is apparent that their sefarim had vowel points.

The guest: If the proffered explanation is correct, we may state as we have said about "ימצה it is written," that they were not exact, and that they said "written" in place of "we read."

However, it is closer to my thoughts that the intent of the Shas is not on the definite article, but rather on the vav which would connect the end of the verse to its beginning.

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