Friday, January 25, 2008

Interesting Links #11

  1. My Machberes discusses new Satmar takkanot restricting expenses for bar mitzvas and weddings.
  2. Meir came back from a play date the other day wanting me to show him pictures of giraffes from Google image search. This is a process that usually involves a lot of mouse clicks to see each image, large. But after searching, I found a service that makes a slideshow of such images. Check it out here.
  3. Peep And The Big Wide World. They have a different video of Peep on every day. Charming, cute, and educational, for kids.
  4. Endoscope in a pill.
  5. Boycotting a sheitel store because of faces of women on ads on the outside of the store. I think that WolfishMusings was entirely in the right asking what he asked (even if ultimately to the folks in that forum it does not matter), and furthermore, that the situation and more particularly the reaction there is an unfortunate blend of tnius chumras to an excess; Daas Torah to the exclusion of even intellectual curiosity and to the extent of closed-mindedness; and elevation of communal approach to the level of din to the extent that anyone who takes a different approach is a kofer. This is not kedusha but closed-mindedness, and some people do not recognize the difference.
    They have the right to boycott, but I hope it is not a successful boycott.
    I see that Emes veEmuna took a stand on this.
    And in a show of solidarity, if someone wins DovBear's contest and produces the pictures in question, I'll post them as well here.

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