Friday, July 28, 2006

Sponsor A Meal In Israel

I got this as an addition to a shul newsletter. It's a nice idea:
Among all of the ways we can help Israelis from afar, one is very easy,
and is a great way to enter Shabbat this week--

Kibbutz Lavi, closed understandably to tourists, is preparing thousands
of hotel quality meals to be delivered to Jews of northern Israel, who
otherwise might be eating canned cold food, or whatever comes to hand
this Shabbat. The meals are at cut-rate cost--about $6 dollars a meal.
It is possible with a single call and a credit card to sponsor any
number of meals. A colleague of mine from Cleveland sponsored the
number of meals his family would eat this Shabbat, in safety. Dina and
I just sponsored 10 meals for 250 shekel. It was a 2 minute phone call.

The number to call is 972 (4) 6799450. They man the phones late.

May we be able to bring comfort to our brothers and sisters in Eretz

Moshe Rosenberg

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

Thanks Moshe

Just like to also say, that I think PizzaIDF is a great organisation as well. They have new buttons for blogs, I have one on my blog.

Simply said, you can order pizzas and other stuff so the soldiers know we care.

I wrote a pice a few days ago on them, please do read it as its a worthy cause as well.

regards Aaron


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