Friday, July 21, 2006

Noteworthy Shiur this Shabbat at Etz Chaim

and not just because he's a relative. From the Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills Weekly Bulletin:
Mincha 7:45 PM

Shiur by Rabbi Chanoch Waxman: “The Leadership of Moshe and the
Rebellion of Moshe”


Welcome to Rabbi Chanoch Waxman, who will be giving the shiur this
Shabbat following Mincha. Rabbi Waxman is on the faculty at the Matan
Institute in Jerusalem, and the Drisha Institute here in New York. He
was also former Rosh Kollel of Torah Mitzion in Chicago. Note that
Mincha will start earlier than usual (7:45 PM) to allow Rabbi Waxman to
fully cover the material. Please join us for an exciting shiur.

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