Friday, July 21, 2006

"How Faith Saved The Atheist" - Death With Dignity

A great article in this week's Wall Street Journal. An excerpt:

I complained about all the death-with-dignity pressure to my father's doctor, an Orthodox Jew, who said that his religion forbids the termination of care but that he would be perfectly willing to "look the other way" if we wanted my father to die. We didn't. Then a light bulb went off in my head. We could devise a strategy to fend off the death-happy residents: We would tell them we were Orthodox Jews.

My little ruse worked. During the few days after I announced this faux fact, it was as though an invisible fence had been drawn around my mother, my sister and me. No one dared mutter that hateful phrase "death with dignity."

Read it all.

Update: A strange paragraph, though:
But I'm offended that so many conservative Christians believe that theirs is the only path to salvation. I'm sick of being proselytized. We Jews enjoy a more basic type of faith, a direct relationship to God that requires no salvation, no penitence, no supplication. We do not proselytize. And we don't worry about the next life; we conduct mitzvahs--good deeds--that enhance life for ourselves and others in the here and now. Religion is said to have no grandparents--meaning, we each find our own path to (or away from) faith. Yet it's my grandparents' faith--and not my father's Jewish atheism--to which I find myself being drawn.

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