Tuesday, July 04, 2006

posts so far for parshat Chukat

Year 2
  • For the Border of Ammon Was Strong?
    • how so? Does this not contradict Devarim that they did not because of Divine decree? I suggest it means that the border was firm. Or another answer, variant text (LXX) that has יעזר rather than עז for the border, such that it is a border town by the name of עז or יעזר. And a parallel to referencing a border town in the haftara. Then I discovered Targum gives my first explanation.
  • Who Caused the Children of Ammon To Inherit?
    • Hashem, or Chemosh? or both, in Yiftach's mind? Or is it diplomacy?
  • Making Sense of Parah Adumah
    • that tumah is a construct, by fiat
I likely will not get a chance to post for the next week.

to be continued...

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