Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rambam on Midrashic Literalism (source) - I

If we are to discuss midrashic literalism intelligently, it would help to have some of the sources available to us. To this end, I am uploading a scan of the Rambam's perush hamishnayot in his introduction to the 10th perek of Sanhedrin, where he discusses midrashic literalism and three groups which have different approaches to midrashic literalism. He takes the third approach, which (roughly) favors understanding (some?) midrashim allegorically where otherwise they would contradict the sechel. But this is a rough summary, and we should read this source carefully. Perhaps a translation to follow, and a discussion. Also, Shadal's take on the subject.

It begins in the first column, one line up from the large bold word harishona. Right click and open link in a new page, to see full screen.

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Anonymous said...

IS there a translation to this???


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