Thursday, April 07, 2011

posts so far for parashat Metzora


  1. Metzora sources -- further expanded. For example, many more meforshei Rashi.
  2. Should our masoretic text read וְהַנּוֹשֵׂא as malei or chaser? As a followup to the 2010 post, with some more evidence as to Samaritan and Jewish readings, and an interesting tie-in to the Samaritan practices mentioned in the Mishna.
  3. YU Torah on parashat Metzora
  4. Darshening Rashi's wording of לעוף טמא -- Gur Aryeh correctly points out that something is a silly diyuk. Levush HaOrah defends the diyuk, but I agree with Gur Aryeh on this.
  1. Metzora sources -- revamped. With over 100 meforshim on the parsha and haftara, organized by topic.
  2. Are the Samaritans right in how to spell veHanoseiIn parashat Metzora, a Samaritan Torah variant recommends itself, for going against the grain of the typical Samaritan emendation. A gemara darshens like the Samaritan Torah, but against the Masoretic text, and this befuddles Rashi, who is unaware of the Samaritan variant. Or Torah and Minchas Shai step up to the plate and offer explanations of the gemara, forced to varying degree. Still, the most likely answer is that Chazal, here, were darshening the Samaritan text.
  3. The cedar, the strip of crimson, and the hyssop -- Why sprinkle the leper using these three? We might say that this is a chok, and we have know way of knowing. Or that it is a chok, and so there is no purpose, other than to fulfill the arbitrary Command of the King. Or we could suggest that it has some magic, or mystical power. I am not sure can really say that this is a cure for the leper, for this happens after the kohen determines he has been cured, but perhaps this is an additional cure, after the disappearance of the physical symptoms, in which case these items have some natural herbal impact on the condition. (Tanchuma does say לפיכך מתרפא על ידי אזוב.) Or else each of these three might symbolize something. If the last is true, then we can derive meaning from their use in this ceremony.
  • Metzorah sources -- great for preparing shnayim mikra. links by perek and aliyah to an online Mikraos Gedolos, plus a slew of meforshim on the parsha and haftara.
  • The Goat to Azazel
    • On Acharei Mot. In which I relate it the second bird of the korban of the metzorah.
to be continued...

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