Sunday, April 17, 2011

YU Pesach To Go 2011

Individual articles from this year's Yeshiva University Pesach To-Go:

  1. Prayer in Memory of those who were lost in Japan and for the speedy recovery of those who are ill and homeless
  2. Rabbi Norman Lamm - "Novelty and Renewal"
  3. Rabbi Daniel Z. Feldman - "Bringing the Geulah Through Mekhirat Chametz"
  4. Dr. Steven Fine - "Dining with Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Yehoshua: Two Early Pesach Sedarim in Context"
  5. Rabbi Josh Flug - "Yetziat Mitzrayim and its Role in Shabbat and Yom Tov"
  6. Rabbi Eric Goldman - "Maror: Finding Meaning in Life"
  7. Mrs. Rivkah Kahan - "The Hatan Damim Episode: A Preamble to Yetziat Mitzrayim"
  8. Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz - "Pesach La-Shem: Separate Mitzvot for Separate Moadim"
  9. Mrs. Nechama Price - "Splitting the Sea: Take Two"
  10. Rabbi Ezra Schwartz - "Eating Matza all Seven Days of Pesach"
  11. Rabbi Reuven Taragin - "The Pesach Haggada: Developing an Experiential Commemoration"
  12. Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner - "What If I Don't Like Roast?"
  13. Rabbi Mordechai Willig - "How Much Matza Do You Need to Eat?"
  14. Special Supplement from the YU Torah Mitzion Kollel of Chicago

Click on the image to go to their web site, and download the complete package, as well as see the Pesach To Go for previous years.

Also, from the same email I received:

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