Wednesday, April 06, 2011

YU Torah on parashat Metzora

Audio Shiurim on Metzora
Rabbi Baruch Simon: How to Use Our Speech 
Rabbi Hershel Reichman: The Severity of Lashon Harah
Rabbi Ally Ehrman: Why Don't We Have Tzara'as Anymore? 
Rabbi Zev ReichmanThe Lessons of Tzara'as
Rabbi Chaim BrovenderTzora'at - What Does It Mean?
Rabbi Azarya BerzonThe Role of the Kohen in Parshat Metzora
Rabbi Joel FinkelsteinBeyond Nature 
Rabbi Yaacov ThalerThe Evils of Lashon Hara 
Rabbi Moshe TaraginThe Torah Doesn't Blush
Rabbi Dovid GottliebInyanei Lashon Hara 
Rabbi Aryeh LebowitzLoneliness and Lashon Hara
Rabbi Yehoshua GrunsteinReturn to where you were
Rabbi Steven PruzanskySpeech and Silence

Articles on Metzora
Rabbi Aharon KahnOf Gechazi, the Rasha in the Haggadah, and the Rambam’s “talmid she’eno hagun”
Rabbi Yaacov JaffeAn Explanation of a Metzora through his Sacrifices
Rabbi Shmuel GoldinDisease or Divine Reckoning? 
Rabbi Eli Baruch ShulmanThe Punishment Fits the Crime 
Rabbi Josh HoffmanDeath Be Not Proud 
Aliza Berk RetterBiblical Leprosy: A Confusion for Centuries
Rachel SecundaHow Would You Define Tzaraas?
Nechama HochbaumWere Our Predecessors Lepers?
Rabbi Avraham GordimerMeaning of the Metzora's Purification 
Rabbi Ephraim MethThe Value of Wealth
Rabbi Maury GrebenauDisease of the Skin or the Soul?
Rabbi Shlomo EinhornGold in the Medina
Rabbi Reuven SpolterModern Society's Addiction to Violence
Rabbi Beinish GinsburgTzora'as - Hashem's Message of Ahavah for Am Yisroel
Rabbis Stanley M Wagner and Israel DrazinThe Case Of The Extra Hay: Are There Superfluous Letters In The Torah? 

Rabbi Jeremy WiederLaining for Parshat Metzora
See all shiurim on YUTorah for Parshat Metzora

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Recordings from the program this past Sunday, April 3, 2011.Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey WoolfTaharah Beyond Taharat ha-Mishpaha: History, Halakhah and Aggadah 
Cantor Sherwood GoffinEnhancing the Spirituality of Tefillah Through The Musical Mesorah 
Cantor Bernard BeerThe Importance of Nusach in Tefillah 
Mrs. Nechama PriceThe Tensions of an Isolated Jew in a Foreign Land: Yosef and Moshe 
Rabbi Zvi RommThe structure of the Hagadah

Recordings from the Lower Merion, PA Kollel Yom Rishon this past Sunday, April 3, 2011.Rabbi Mordechai WilligThe Dialectics of the Seder: An Innovative Approach to Mitzvot ha'Laila 

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One of the YUTorah Daf Yomi magidei shiur, Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, has recently begun giving a weekly review shiur to quickly recap the dafim learned in the previous 7 seven days. It's a great way to make sure the learning of the daf stays with you even after the daf has passed.

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Tornadoes, flooding, forest fires, runaway inflation, massive foreclosures, food shortages, record unemployment and gay marriage; aside from the fact that we are at war for our very survival against unseen enemies who are plotting who knows what. We have weather woes, fiscal firestorms and a public character plunging into moral chaos, while we worry about terrorists being among the thousands of illegal aliens pouring across the Mexican border every day; perhaps this is the perfect storm. America, the society that G-d has blessed with more power and wealth than the world has ever known, is facing enormous challenges on all fronts. Yet most of us seem to be living our lives still intact, thank G-d, so we need to look at all these unfortunate circumstances as a series of warnings. If you would ask what these warnings are about, take your pick. We have a social order that has clear distinctions between moral and legal. Immorality can be legal and the police can arrest people for doing the right thing. That is very different from living a Torah life where morality is the law.


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