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The rules of trup, pg i

The Rules of Trup
(Wolf Heidenheim)

Gate I
The melodies, and they are the accents and the servants.

Chapter I
Concerning the melodies of Scripture, their orthography and their number

The melodies, according to the position of the very early ones, which are primary, are divided into two heads. The first head turns to the right {backwards, as Hebrew is read right to left}, and they encompass the melodies which divide {/pause}, which are called together the teamim, or the melachim {kings}. And the second head turns towards the left, and they encompass the melodies which do not divide, but which flow with their tune to the teamim which come after them, and these are called meshartim {servants}.

And all the early ones, they are Ben Asher, Ben Bilaam, Rabbi Y. Chayyug, Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra and their company, all of them concurred as to the number of teamim that they are 12, and upon the meshartim that they are nine. And I have not seen one of the daykanim {punctillious ones} who enumerated them upon their order except for the scholar Rabbi Y. ben Bilaam, and these are his words in his Taamei Hamikra:
Know that the teamim {trup} of the 21 {prose} books (which encompass all of Scripture except for

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