Thursday, May 28, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #150

  1. At Israelity Bites, about the marriage instruction manual for a compulsory marriage class in Yerushalayim.

  2. At Skeptoid, how to argue with a "creationist." Useful. They are basically responses about evolution, which frum rationalists often debase with frum irrationalists.

  3. Being discussed on other blogs, the Lakewood Scoop on a woman receiving a note that her nees were not covered in back. The comments are fascinating, though at least one is a spoof. See it also discussed on DovBear. Also at the Lakewood Scoop, a video on Tomchei Shabbos in high gear.

  4. Dreaming of Moshiach, or someone under her name, posts her nonsense at some forum which seems to be for crazy conspiracy theorists. There, she gave a 7 day extension, to June 1st. The reaction is interesting. Also, someone posting her stuff at a moshiach forum. See the reaction there.

  5. Protecting children from touching rocks, or potato clocks.

  6. Something to learn on Shavuos night, if you want. Shadal's Vikuach, in which he argues with the authenticity of Kabbalah. As I posted it before, in blog form, it is clunky. So instead, I made the first chapter into a Google site, so that it is all one printable page. Check it out here.


yaak said...

So, what did you rate it from the choices on the top of the page of that forum? (If you don't answer, I'll use my imagination...)

joshwaxman said...

didn't notice that voting system until now. :)
there are actually threads posts in those forums about this, if one does a search for jew or jews.

happy shavuot,


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