Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Call for the apocalypse?

So Nava, of Dreaming of Moshiach, persists in her claims of an apocalypse, despite Rosh Chodesh Sivan passing without the world ending. Now, she supports herself with three sources: current events (which are always available), her interpretation of a Zohar (where she has offered bad misinterpretations of Zohars in the past), and the words of an "autistic" (or rather his facilitator). The post is titled Last Call. If only! But she will surely continue her nonsense a month from now, when her delayed apocalypse also fails to materialize. This is good, as

In terms of the words of the autistics, she cites Binyomin Golden as saying:
"Open your eyes! Don’t ask me whether to come to Israel or not. Don’t ask me how can you come without money? Don’t ask me how will you get a job? Those who trust Hashem will be sure that Hashem will provide. Let me remind you that according to the nevuos [Zecharia 13:8] two thirds of the world will be destroyed – but not Eretz Yisrael.”
There are two glaring problems with this "support". The first is that the autistics are warning of an apocalypse soon, but they are against the fixed time she has set. See this post on parshablog, where I pointed out that the other autistic says:
Q. Dear Daniel, Thank you so much for the opportunity to ask and thank you for your holy work. My question: A date was given of Rosh Chodesh Sivan 2009 for the "deadline" when all Jews should leave America or it will be "too late" for them afterwards.


Will there be a warning before the true deadline?
A. Of course. It can't be after the deadline. Nobody really knows the deadline. I know it's soon.
So they are not in favor of the deadline, and they do not consider her "warning" to be the true warning. So all their purported "support" falls flat.

Secondly, who cares what the autistics said? They are just as guilty of giving over false prophecy as the Tzadik Nistar! But for some reason, people don't remember, and still trust in them! Here is Ben Golden, in September 2007 predicting the apocalypse on Rosh Hashana. The Greatest Rosh Hashana in history:
If the people do not repent before Rosh Hashanah...

This is going to be the biggest Rosh Hashanah in history, the most significant in all of history. If the people do not repent this Rosh Hashanah, woe to everyone. Woe to all those who think this is a joke, woe to all those who don't want the extreme side of Judaism, woe to all those that think they can live in both worlds; in the materialistic world as well as the spiritual world. Woe to the Jewish people, the chosen nation, beloved to Hashem.

This is truly the Day of Judgment; the Day of Judgment for the whole world, as it is every year, but this year, we are coming upon the greatest change ever, since the exile from Egypt.

So what if one navi sheker supports another? Hopefully, a month from now, people will not only lose faith in Nava's predictions, but in the other crazies as well, such as the autistics and the gematria scholars. One can hope, but I am pessimistic...

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yd said...

you don't need to be so pessimistic, I for one first started reading the blogosphere as I was very interested and curious about the topic of gog and magog, especially in bush as his name was very similar to gog and he had in a way declared war on the arab world which it would seem from the medroshim that edom will fight yishmoel, and with all the talk then [even in mainstream media] about war with iran which seems to coincide with the gemoro in yoma that edom will fight persia [I know you will argue who said edom is america], so I was quite a follower of all these so called geula blogs, but I promised myself that after bush leaves I am quitting all the speculation, and I now realise that we have absolutely no idea and we should just believe he will come when Hashem wants. I now see how dreaming gets more and more ridiculous, and I no longer believe in the autistics [although sometimes they have some good mussar on the indulgment and pursuit of olom hazeh on the cheshbon of preparing for olom habo, olom haze doime lprosdor etc. sometimes we forget ourselves - not that these things can't be found in mussar seforim, just unfortunately people don't read them so much].


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