Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What was Rav Shmuel Palagi speaking about

when he spoke of "Nun Bau"? It means "Build-now," and it is a Germanic version of Adir Hu. I took the image to the right from a Haggadah from JNUL. It has Adir Hu, followed by Nun Bau.

Some more information on this song, from Wikipedia:
In the 1769 version of the haggadah, the song was also known in German as the "Baugesang" (the song of the rebuilding of the Temple). A traditional German greeting on the night of Passover after leaving the synagogue was "Bau Gut" ("build well"), a reference to Adir Hu.
And a bit more here.


Wolf2191 said...

My grandfather used to sing this one with us

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for a polemic against the DVARS

joshwaxman said...

oh well. I intend to include that in my own treatment of this...


AA said...

Other than a few possibly heretical appellations, why does he harp so much on the nun-bau piyut? Does he find it disrespectfully demanding (Build it!)?


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