Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Sarah Palin Matrix vs. The Obama Gematria

Today is election day in the US!

I saw this interesting post at Mystical Paths, (they were just repeating it because it was interesting), that purports to prove via Torah codes that Sarah Palin will be our next vice president, and that John McCain will be our next president. I noted some of the problems I have with this in the comment section there. But here is a larger list:

a) Interpreting "in pain shall you bring forth children" in the plain text, in something that does not even intersect with Sarah Palin, to be a reference to her Down Syndrome child, is insulting. And it is a kvetch to boot.

b) They show an impressive matrix, but that is because they are not showing most of the characters. The full rows are not shown, but as they note, there are 45,159 characters between rows. These words are not really very proximate to one another.

c) As far as I can make out, they are wrapping around the text. They are starting in Devarim and ending in Shemos, with Bereishit also in there! Apparently, they are doing some wrap-around to accomplish this. This is weird.

d) Furthermore, they are not even spelling Sarah Palin correctly. They are spelling it שרה פאילן. A Google web and news search reveals no such spellings. And it is a weird spelling, with no yud between the lamed and the nun, and with a yud after the aleph. To compare, a web search on שרה פאלין spelled as I just spelled it yields 10,000 hits, and spelled שרה פלין yields 17,000 hits. Now, you may argue that any transliteration is acceptable, and this is how they do Torah codes. No. This is the very problem of "wiggle room" for Torah codes -- if you can choose at will any spelling, rather than choosing one up front, then the codes are not statistically meaningful, and you can find similar codes in War and Peace. Why this is so, I won't explain here. Do some research on the matter, if you are interested in this difficulty.

Overall, unimpressive.

Compare with the equally unimpressive claim that Obama will be President because Barack Hussain Obama has a gematria of 501, the same as the Levi Jeans and of the word ראש. And words like ישמעאלים. I wonder how many past presidents had the same gematria of 501, and how many of their defeated opponents had 501.

They neglect to mention that John McCain's middle name is Sidney, and so his full name of יון סידני מקקאין is also 501. So why say this shows Obama as President more than McCain? The answer is that they do not realize how malleable gematria is, so when they abuse gematria to get the results they want and nothing else, they do not realize they are abusing it.

Choosing a gematria to this specific word, as opposed to נשיא, or הפרזידנט. Indeed, הפְּרֶזִידֶנְט has a gematria of 365, while יון מקקין has a gematria of 366, where you are allowed to be off by one. Also, it all depends on whether Barack's first name is a cognate of Baruch or of Baraq, Lightning, Mohammed's horse. The gematria which leads to 501 is based on Baraq, with a ק. But the spelling ck at the end of Barack, and the sometimes given etymology, would perhaps make it with a chaf or chaf sofit, which would mess up the entire gematria.

At the end of the day, both things are silly. Obama or McCain will win because of the votes of the American public and the Divine plan. But not because Obama's gematria is 501, and the fact that it is 501 has absolutely nothing to do with anything. But silly people try to create patterns, in gematria and in Torah codes, to reassure themselves and convince themselves that they know what is going on.

And if McCain wins, they will point to the Palin matrix. And if Obama wins, they will point to the Obama "Torah" code in Daniel, or to the gematria of his name. So they win either way. And the method will remain just as silly.


yaak said...

Many Torah codes are done backwards and cross Sefarim. This is not a Kasha. The point about the spelling may be a kasha.

I do agree that a stam person just making up a gematria out of thin air (without a mesora) may not be the best source of Torah knowledge. Otherwise, you could prove that Obama is the Mashiah since:
באראק אובמה = 358 = משיח

joshwaxman said...

excellent grmatria! after all, he is The One. ;)

In terms of backwards Torah codes and crossing sefarim, this is not what I said. I said that the matrix starts at Devarim and ends at Shemot. That is not backwards. It is forwards. It means they made a "sefer" out of:
Devarim (indeed, Nitzavim)
Bereishit (namely Toledot)

Thus, they used more than the text of the entire Torah, and wrapped around from Devarim to the beginning of Bereishit. I don't know if it is common or not, but it is not a "backwards" Torah code, if I understand what you mean by backwards. My understanding is that since the words can be found backwards, we can construct

Is that what you meant? But here, it is forwards, but uses more than the total Torah text, with a wrap-around feature (twice!) in which Bereishit follows Devarim.

And if it is common practice in Torah codes, it does not make it better. It just calls in to question those other Torah codes as well.

Kol Tuv,

Anonymous said...

I can't resist...

Now we know that one of the candidates must be "Haman" and one "Mordechai", as:

ברק חוסיין אובאמה = 501
יון סידני מקקאין = 501
502 = ארור המן
502 = ברוך מרדכי

Take your pick...

Anonymous said...

How exactly would someone named Sarah have her name transliterated into Hebrew in a way that best reflects the English pronunciation of the word? I'd think Samech (+ Segol)- Resh (+Patach)- He.


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