Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Controversial "I Want To Be A Rebbe" Video Taken Down Via Fraudulent DCMA Violation Notice

{Update: See this followup post, with the text of the DMCA notice, and some possible back and forth with "Chofetz Chaim."}

So it was a very funny video, but it was not really just comedy. It was well-written, biting satire. And it was carried on several blogs, including Hirhurim. And then R' Gil Student took a lot of flak for posting it, and decided that because so many people were grievously offended by it, considering it lashon hara or improper leitzanus, he would take it down. (See this post.)

When I showed it to someone the other day, he told me to save it locally, because it would surely be taken down. Well, I neglected to do so, and sure enough, someone has managed to take it down.

I do not believe it was the original author. Rather, someone sent a DMCA notice to YouTube, asserting copyright on the relevant clip, such that they would be legally obligated to take it down, unless sent a counter-notice by the author, asserting his own ownership of it. Of course, such notice would leave probably leave some sort of legal paper trail, and it is extremely safe to assume the author wants to remain anonymous. This is thus censorship by means of a fraudulent DMCA takedown notice. One could probably point out to the humans at YouTube that the "Chofetz Chaim" is no longer alive, and that if he did produce the video, more than 70 years have elapsed since his passing.

Or else the author can just repost it on YouTube from its source.

At any rate, he are two links:
1) "Ich Vil Zain A Rebbe," taken down by Chofetz Chaim.
2) "I Want To Be A Rebbe," a video posted in response to that video (I'm unsure of the contents -- perhaps the same video with English subtitles?) taken down by an actually named (though not sure if fictitious) person.

Update: Well, that was fast! It is now back up, since someone uploaded it once again to YouTube. The video is now available here, with 12 views. And now I saved my own local copy. Here is that video:

Update 2: And now that that one is not available, here is another one:

Update 3: And now the one I put up was removed due to another fake DMCA notice from "Chofetz Chaim." It looks like the one in Update 2 still plays in my browser, but will not do so on YouTube's site itself. But that just might be on my computer, due to having it in the cache, perhaps. Or perhaps not. Anyway, I sent a response to YouTube, and we will have to see how this is resolved. But anyway, here is another one:

Update: Try the second one posted, again. Now it works.


Anonymous said...

The video response has been taken down 'due to a copyright claim by Tamar Gintzborg.'

joshwaxman said...

right. don't know who that is, or if legit.
but the video embedded lower in my post still plays.

Aryeh said...

you say that "video embedded lower in my post still plays." I looked and couldn't find it - can you tell me where to look? Thanks.

joshwaxman said...

wow. I meant the one that now does not play. at the time, it did play. bli neder, I will try to find another copy, when it comes up.


Anonymous said...

How does one save it locally?

joshwaxman said...

you can use keepvid.com, and enter the URL. It will make an FLV file for you to save.
otherwise, if you have realplayer and internet explorer, one of the features is that any video you hover over, a button will appear, where clicking on the button will save it locally.


Anonymous said...

Josh -

is there anyway you can post the video to another video-sharing website other than YouTube?


-suitepotato- said...

Would appreciate it if you uploaded the video file to rapidshare or somewhere like that or to one of the many odd video sites OTHER than YouTube. If I can get a copy, I'll make it real hard to get it taken down.

-suitepotato- said...

Nevermind, here's another.

I got a copy. That was priceless stuff and very well sung.

The Hedyot said...

Have you tried disputing the takedown?

This might be helpful: http://blog.jimmyr.com/Howto_Dispute_Copyright_Claims_28_2008.php

Also, YouTube's own page on the topic: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/topic.py?topic=10554

joshwaxman said...

I started to, but I don't want to get the fellow in legal trouble, or myself, in case he actually somehow *does* hold copyright to one of the images, though I doubt it very much.

I did get the text of the DMCA takedown notice, from which I was able to extract his name, address, etc., using whois tools. And then, possibly, he and I had a little back and forth. See here.



The FullaBulla Rebbe said...

It seems to be back:


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