Sunday, November 23, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #95

  1. Daas Torah on how a third-year seminary is canceled, because they are following Daas Torah. And another post about molad, the moon's race against the earth.

  2. Hirhurim goes into competition with Bray of Fundie with a post about Havdalah Consciousness -- whether you can make havdalah on coffee. :)

  3. Vos Is Neias posts an article by Rabbi Avi Billet about Rivkah's age, prompting some readers to call him an apikores. Oy. You can see my take in this parshablog post. And Divrei Chaim's take on it here.

  4. Dixie Yid talks about a book written by a secular advocate for shidduch dating, or arranged marriages. First comes marriage, rather than first comes love. And connects it with the week's parsha, since Yitzchak first married Rivkah and only afterwards does it say he loved her. I point out in a comment section that Yaakov is a counterexample, where he did the dating himself, and loved Rachel before he married her.

  5. It was only a matter of time before silly people took Rav Elyashiv recent comments in a shiur and turned it into a kol koreh. Life In Israel has an image of said Kol Korei. My reaction to Rav Eliashiv's remarks can be seen at this parshablog post from a week or two ago.

  6. Lineman on eruv online responds to Rav Belsky's Shulchan haLevi, about Eruvim.

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