Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #97

  1. Dixie Yid on Chayyei Sarah, and changes in maleh vs. chaser in our Torah vs. that of Rashi.

  2. JNUL scans in, posts up a copy of Sefer Tashbetz.

  3. MysticalPaths talks about the financial challenges to yeshivot and kollels in Israel, with some closing, and them seeking money to support them. Related, over at SerandEz, a posting about relying on charity.

  4. Breast cancer and other forms of cancer might suddenly go into remission without treatment, and doctors are studying this phenomenon, according to this NY Times article. This calls to my mind various miracle stories where people davened, or else got a blessing from a rebbe or rabbi, or else did performed some sort of segulah, and when the doctors next checked them, the problem had disappeared. This would then suggest, at the least, a derech hateva mechanism exists which the prayer might help set in motion.

  5. MysticalPaths on Web rumors -- specifically the latest one about Rav Kanievsky and bomb shelters on Chanukkah, but also in general. I last addressed this particular rumor the other day, in this post.

  6. The controversial music video "I Want To Be A Rebbe," taken down by a fraudulent DMCA notice and then uploaded again. See here for the details.

  7. DixieYid is asking for donations for friends who need money to start antibody treatments for a child with neuroblastoma.

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