Sunday, July 20, 2008

When Today's Fast Ends, In Kew Gardens Hills

Based on the Etz Chaim Bulletin from this past Shabbos, here is the fast info:

Fast Begins at 4:29 AM & Ends at 9:04 PM

While I am at it, while I am still not sure I'll post on the issue of fasting on the 17th of Tammuz, I might as lead up to it by posting this clip from Rosh HaShana 18b. Relevant to this topic is of course the gemara, but also Rashi and Rabbenu Chananel.


Anonymous said...

9:04 PM?

Holy Cow! That should be the lead on all future Nefesh B'Nefesh ads.

End of fast in Jerusalem- 8:11 PM

Ariella's blog said...

So, in your area, at what time did the kosher restaurants open? Here, an upscale dairy place announced an 8:30 opening. The Sushi Metsuyan here was open earlier and had diners (male and female adults) at dinner even earlier. King David was closed. But many other places were open. It laways amazes me that the Vaad insists on only parve menus during the 9 days for meat restaurants but does not care that the establishments are serving adults in public on fast days (not to mention what these adults are thinking). Even when pregnant, I never ate in public on fast days. This facet of tzina, I guess, is not as popular an issue as "tznius."


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