Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #54

  1. Two interesting articles in the latest Scientific American. The first is about how an artificial sweetener -- namely Splenda -- confuses the brain and may compromise diets. The second is about bisexual species.
  2. My Pet Jawa discusses how embedded reporters with the Taliban cover an execution of two prostitutes. While this may or may not compromise ethics, I think that the reporters could not have stopped this and at least are present to document these terrible actions. Not that the world will do anything to stop it in the future, or will take these to heart.
  3. We should put a few of these basking sharks in the New York city reservoirs, to solve the copepod problem.
  4. Life In Israel discusses the professional "Shabbos Goy" in Mattesdorf.
  5. I've been getting spam lately from Tagged Mail in my gmail account. Here is an old blog post about how to handle it.
  6. Joss Whedon put together a show on the web called Dr. Horrible. The first episode airs today.

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