Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Shaatnez Segulah

Seen on one of those molad calendars hanging in shul, where they promote shaatnez testing and the shaatnez lab, but reconstructed from memory, so I might be a bit off on the actual wording.
It is well known, as well as found in sefarim, that checking tefillin and mezuzos to find mistakes can bring great yeshuos. Why should shaatnez be any different?
The tefillin and mezuzah stories are already, IMHO, a bit too much. But this is yet another example of the segulah-ization of Judaism, taking things which are mitzvos -- aseh or lo saaseh -- and performing it not because it is mitzvas haBorei but because it is an easy magic ritual to get what you want. And here, it is not even with any quasi-valid source, but rather a "logical" extension.

Indeed, why should checking that your tzitzis are intact be any different?
Why should checking your food for bugs be any different?
Why should checking the lungs for sirchos be any different?
Why should a woman performing a bedika be any difference? Indeed, for this one, we even have a statement of Chazal we may misrepresent as promising a segulah -- כל היד המרבה לבדוק בנשים משובחת.
Why should bedikas chametz be any different?

(And perhaps segulahs already exist for these.)

Oy vey.

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BrooklynWolf said...

Sheesh. Just take this to it's logical conclusion...

Don't worship idols... it's a segulah.
Don't murder someone... it's a segulah.
Don't sleep with your friend's wife... it's a segulah.
Don't give your children to Molech... it's a segulah.

and on and on.

The Wolf


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