Tuesday, October 18, 2011

YUTorah on parashat Bereishit

 Audio Shiurim on Bereishit
Rabbi Elchanan Adler: Ramban Al HaTorah - The Stories of Sefer Bereishis 
Professor Nathan Aviezer: On Contradictions Between Torah and Science: the Creation of the Universe 
Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer: Adam and Eve – Banishment and Flaming Sword 
Dr. Moshe BernsteinA New Commentary on Bereshit from Qumran
Rabbi Azarya BerzonAdam HaRishon's Violation of Eating From the Eitz HaDa'at
Mrs. Rachel BesserAdam, Chava and Kohelet: Nothing New Under the Sun
Rabbi Chaim BrovenderLeAvda ule-Shamra: Adam's Task
Rabbi Yitzchok CohenBracha and Klala 
Rabbi Yisroel Meir DruckFind yourself 
Rabbi Ally EhrmanThe First Mitzva Given To The Jewish People 
Rabbi Chaim EisensteinDichotomy of Man- Creative Ability and Need to Surrender 
Rabbi Joel FinkelsteinComing Home 
Ms. Elana FlaumenhaftDoes Rashi Advocate a Tetratuech? 
Rabbi Beinish GinsburgRecreating Yourself 
Rabbi Shmuel GoldinThe First Exile: Uncovering the Roots of Etz Hada'at 
Rabbi Yonah GrossThe Creation of Man - Relationship with God 
Rabbi Shalom HammerThe Completion of Man's Dual Attributes 
Mrs. Leah HerzogFamily Systems in Breishit - Models of Marriage 
Rabbi David HirschImitating Hashem's Ways 
Rabbi Jesse HornWhat's the purpose of Sefer Bereshis 
Rabbi Ari KahnClothing of Light 
Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky: Kayin and Hevel 
Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg: The Value of Every Individual 
Mrs. Yael Leibowitz: Sin and Exile in Genesis: A Commentary on the Human Condition
Rabbi Menachem LeibtagWhy is the "First Born" in Sefer Bereishis Never the First Born 
Rabbi Dr. Aharon LichtensteinBeing Frum and Being Good
Mrs. Chani NewmanBetween Breishis and Thanksgiving - Lessons in Hakaras Hatov 
Rabbi Zev ReichmanIf God has no physical form how is man in His image? 
Professor Smadar RosensweigCain and Hevel as Personality Paradigms in Tanakh: An Analysis of Peshat and Parshanut 
Mrs Ilana SaksVeKhol Siach HaSadeh 
Rabbi Hershel SchachterZmanim in Halacha 
Mrs. Malka SimkovichThe Role of Infertility in the Gan Eden Story and in the Patriarchal Narratives 
Rabbi Baruch SimonBiAhava Uvi'ratzon Hinchaltanu: Shabbos as the Kiyum of the World 
Mrs. Shira SmilesCreating an Inner Balance 
Rabbi Aaron SoloveichikThe Fall of Man 
Rabbi Reuven SpolterThe Creation of Man and Woman 
Mrs. Elana Stein HainExamining Biblical Tradition Through the Prism of Bereishit: Rabbinic Law vs. Science 
Rabbi Moshe TaraginThe Debut of the Yetzer Harah 
Rabbi Michael TaubesMaking Early Shabbos 
Ms. Shuli TaubesThe Creation Narrative Revisited: Rashi and The Current Controversy 
Rabbi Steven WeilA Blueprint for The Destiny of Humanity: A Systematic Analysis of the Ramban’s Approach to Sefer Bereishis 
Dr. Shira WeissExploring the 'Roots' of Sin & Repentance in Gan Eden 
Rabbi Avraham WilligThe Most Important person in the World 

Articles on Bereishit
Rachel BlinickAging and Longevity in Science and Tanach
Olga DyninaLongevity in the Bible and Modern Science
Ariella GoldsteinThe Anthropic Principle
Rabbi Meir GoldwichtFrom the First Man to the First Jew
Rabbi Avraham GordimerKayin the Strident Farmer
Rabbi Dovid GottliebThe Dynamic Attraction of Kedushah
Rabbi Maury GrebenauThe Good Life
Rabbi David HorwitzThe Connection between Parashat Ve-Zot Ha-Berakhah and Parashat Bereshit 
Rabbis Stanley M Wagner and Israel DrazinUsing the Tetragrammaton for Elohim 
Rabbi Amos LubanLet there be Light
Rabbi Avigdor NebenzahlOn Three Things the World Stands
Cheryl SchonbrunL'Chaim - To a Long Life

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder: Leining for Bereishit
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