Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Did a researcher "admit" swine flu was manufactured in a lab?

Snopes has not covered this, so I thought I would step up to the plate, by bringing prominence to this. Swine flu naturally has all the conspiracy theorists in a frenzy. Among the biggest claims for it all being a plot is the Dallas Country Health Director, John Carlo, referring to it as having been cultivated in a lab. Thus, in this video, at about the 52 second mark, he refers to "this strain of swine influenza that's been cultured in the laboratory..."

The implication would be that someone deliberately created this. However, a local reporter spoke to him to get clarification, in the wake of the reaction from conspiracy theorists. He clarifies:
"I'm 36, and I don't blog," Carlo says. "But it hit the blogosphere very quickly, and we need to figure out how to be available to that media as well. We've been tracking this element of the news, and I went back and reviewed the information and where this came from -- and to be honest, I didn't see how that impression had been directed. But, of course, at this point, this is something completely natural. There should be no consideration this is man-made. This is something that has happened throughout history. Swine flu isn't rare. We see it every other year in the U.S. The point was, it's a completely new virus and something not seen before anywhere -- this particular strain of swine flu."

For those needing further elucidation -- say, anyone who's never watched a television medical drama or been to a doctor -- when Carlo said the strain had been cultured in a lab, he just meant: "They took the swab off the individual infected with the illness and grew it in the lab," he says. "It's confusing, but it certainly wasn't created in a lab. I guess it seems obvious for the medical professionals. I'm working with my advisers to make it clear on the messaging. We definitely don't want to convey that it was created in the lab."


Anonymous said...

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Robin said...

There is no evidence yet Israel did this.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Thanks for the clarification. I had read somewhere else that someone said it may have been created in a lab, it's good to have that mess of an idea cleared up in my mind.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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