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YU Torah on parashat Ki Sisa

Audio Shiurim on Ki Tisa
Rabbi Elchanan Adler: Chronology of Moshe Rabbeinu on Har Sinai 
Rabbi Hanan Balk: The Luchot: You Can't Have One Without the Other 
Rabbi Eli Belizon: Chait HaAigel - The Status of Shituf 
Rabbi Reuven Brand: The Luchos 
Rabbi Asher Brander: Shabbos - A Slice of Heaven 
Rabbi Chaim Brovender: Aron HaEtz 
Rabbi Zevulun Charlop: The Importance of Yiras Shamayim 
Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen: The Machatzis Hashekel 
Rabbi Avishai David: Shabbos: Kedusha vs. Menucha 
Rabbi Ally Ehrman: Vayimalei Kvod Hashem Es Kol Ha'aretz 
Rabbi Joel Finkelstein: Ten Commandments of Mercy 
Rabbi Barry Gelman: What I Learned From My Principal and my Basketball Star Friend: How Could Moshe Break the Luchot
Rabbi Efrem Goldberg: More than Jews have Kept Shabbos, Shabbos has Kept the Jews 
Mrs. Yael Goldfischer: Making sense of the chronology in the second half of sefer shemot 
Rabbi Yehuda Goldschmidt: Break Yourself for Torah
Rabbi Ephraim Greene: Money; Playing with Fire 
Rabbi Yonah Gross: Judaism's Magic Words - Perspectives on The 13 Middos harachamim 
Rabbi Shalom Hammer: Externals and Internals 
Rabbi David Hirsch: The Messages of Chur 
Rabbi Jesse Horn: Developing an understand and flexibility for people's flaws as a religious ideal 
Rabbi Aharon Kahn: Did Both Pairs of Luchos Have the Same Nusach? 
Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky: Atonement for the Cheit HaEgel 
Rabbi Eliakim Koenigsberg: Living Modestly in the Facebook Generation
Rabbi Akiva Koenigsberg: Torah Temimah: The requirement to wash hands before tefillah
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz: The Symphany of Judaism 
Rabbi Aaron Leibtag: The After-Party: The Sin of the Golden Calf 
Rabbi Hershel Reichman: Hashem's Tefillin
Rabbi Zev Reichman: The sin of the golden calf 
Rabbi Michael Rosensweig: Hidden Things? 
Rabbi Avi Schneider: Tug of war 
Rabbi Baruch Simon: Shemen Mishchas Kodesh - L'ishma is the key for continuity 
Mrs. Shira Smiles: Constant Challenge 
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik: Egel Hazahav 
Rabbi Reuven Spolter: The Eigel and Our Anxiety 
Rabbi Moshe Taragin: Stones of Freedom 
Rabbi Michael Taubes: Reciting Pesukim by Heart 
Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner: The Aron in the Mishkan 
Rabbi Avraham Willig: The Need for Stimulation 
Rabbi Andi Yudin: Shabbos Kodesh 
Rabbi Ari Zahtz: Several Approaches to Cheit HaEgel 
Itamar Zolberg: Panai Lo Yerau 
Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler: The Story Behind the Chet Haegel 

Articles on Ki Tisa
Rabbi Etan Moshe Berman: The Copper Laver: The Women's Vessel
Rabbi Dr. J. David Bleich : The Halachic Controversy Concerning the Israeli Census
Rabbi Eytan Coren: Partners in Building the Mishkan
Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn: The Double Edge
Esther Frederick: Busting the Myth of Jews with Horns
Rabbi Beinish Ginsburg: Achdus and the Struggle against Amalek
Rabbi Ozer Glickman : On Becoming a Rabbi
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin: A Sin for the Ages
Rabbi Avraham Gordimer: Please eradicate me from Your Book
Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb: Anticipating and Appreciating the Gift of Shabbos 
Rabbi Maury Grebenau: The Moon that Jumped Over the Cow 
Rabbi David Horwitz: The Sin of the Golden Calf
Rabbis Stanley Wagner and Israel Drazin: Onkelos as an Alternative Translation
Rabbi Chaim Jachter: Our Recovery from Cheit HaEigel
President Richard M. Joel: Empowerment
Rabbi Avigdor Nebenzahl: Lessons from the Chet Haegel

Rabbi Jeremy Wieder: Laining for Parshat Ki Tisa
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