Monday, February 28, 2011

YU Yom Iyun -- Purim in Tanach, Talmud and Jewish History

I just received the following in my Inbox:

Join Yeshiva University faculty and administration for a day of learning at our annual Jewish Studies Yom Iyun, this year on the topic of Purim in Tanach, Talmud and Jewish History.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 • 9:30am - 1:30pm 

Yeshiva University, Furst Hall • 500 West 185th St. New York, NY$10 admission (online) $15 at the door
Free for YU Students
Courtesy parking and refreshments available with registration

Courtesy bus to YU from the Five Towns
 departs 8:00 a.m. from Cong. Beth Sholom (390 Broadway, Lawrence). No charge but reservations required (space is limited). Call at 516-972-2920 or email by Thursday, March 3rd to reserve.

ephraim karnafogelAf Hen Hayu Be-Oto Ha-Nes: Clarifying the Views of the Ba'alei ha-Tosafot in Learning and Scholarship Rabbi Dr. Ephraim Kanarfogel
E. Billi Ivry Professor of Jewish History, Yeshiva University
rabbi kenneth branderYom hak'Purim and Purim: The Journey to a Romantic Rendezvous with God Rabbi Kenneth Brander
David Mitzner Dean, Center for the Jewish Future
mark dratchMegillat Esther: A Scarlet Letter? A Look at the "Relationship" of Esther and Achashverosh and its Halakhic, Moral, Political, and Personal Implications Rabbi Mark Dratch
Faculty, Isaac Breuer College, Yeshiva University
grunhausForm without Substance: Fasting and Rituals in Prophetic PerspectiveDr. Naomi Grunhaus
Faculty, Stern College for Women
michelle levineStability and Discord in the Book of EstherDr. Michelle Levine
Faculty, Stern College for Women
steven fineVe-Nafokh Hu: Haman, Yeshu and the Commemoration of Purim in the World of Hazal Dr. Steven Fine
Professor of Jewish History, Director, YU Center for Israel Studies
shmuel hainThe Mitzvot of Purim: More Than Meets the Eye Rabbi Shmuel Hain
Rosh Beit Midrash, Graduate Program for Women in Advanced Talmudic Studies, Stern College for Women
ricky hidaryWhy Didn't Esther Pray? Three Responses to the
(Ir)Religiousness of Megilat Esther 
Rabbi Richard Hidary
Faculty, Stern College for Women
menachem leibtagFrom 'Ezra' to 'Esther': Considering "Author's Intent" When Studying Ketuvim Rabbi Menachem Leibtag
Faculty, Midrashiya, Gruss Institute, Yeshiva University
asterKetov Zot Zikkaron Ba-Sefer - Erasing Memory and Writing Memory in Torah and in Megillat Esther Dr. Shawn Zelig Aster
Assistant Professor of Bible, Yeshiva University
frazerWhen Did the Purim Story Happen? Chronology, Aggadah, and a Modern Orthodox Educational Challenge Rabbi Ezra Frazer
Doctoral Program, Bernard Revel Graduate School, Yeshiva University
jill katzThe Purim Story: The View From Jerusalem 538-333 BCE Dr. Jill Katz
Adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, Yeshiva University
lawrence schifmanThe Apocryphal Additions to EstherDr. Lawrence Schiffman
Vice Provost, Yeshiva University

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