Tuesday, February 15, 2011

YU Torah on parashat Ki Tisa

Audio Shiurim on Ki Tisa
Rabbi Michael Rosensweig: Hidden Things? 
Rabbi Hershel Reichman: Hashem's Tefillin 
Rabbi Baruch Simon: Shabbos: Mekor HaBeracha 
Rabbi David Hirsch: The Messages of Chur 
Rabbi Yitzchok Cohen: The Machatzis Hashekel 
Rabbi Ally Ehrman: A Stiff Neck As The Secret Of Our Redemption 
Rabbi Chaim BrovenderThe Descent from Sinai 
Rabbi Michael TaubesReciting Pesukim by Heart 
Mrs. Shira SmilesReclaiming a Relationship 
Rabbi Zev ReichmanThe sin of the golden calf 
Rabbi Aryeh LebowitzToo Much Too Fast 
Rabbi Dovid EbnerGiving is Receiving
Rabbi Reuven SpolterThe Protective Nature of Shabbat 
Rabbi Avraham WilligThe Need for Stimulation 
Rabbi Meir GoldwichtLekaper al Nafshoteichem (Hebrew)
Rabbi Andi YudinDirect Line 
Rabbi Jesse HornThe connection between the Mishkan & Shabbos
Rabbi Yisroel KaminetskyAtonement for the Cheit HaEgel 
Rabbi Reuven BrandThe Luchos 
Rabbi Joel FinkelsteinTen Commandments of Mercy 
Itamar ZolbergPanai Lo Yerau (Hebrew) 
Rabbi Moshe TaraginStones of Freedom 
Rabbi Hanan BalkAnger as an Expression of Idolatry 
Rabbi Avi SchneiderHiding Beneath all the Gold 
Rabbi Eli BelizonChait HaAigel - The Status of Shituf
Rabbi Ephraim Greene Money; Playing with Fire 
Rabbi Shalom HammerDivine Partnership 
Rabbi Yehuda SusmanSin of the Moment 
Rabbi Ari ZahtzHaftorah - Eliyahu B'Har HaCarmel 

Articles on Ki Tisa
President Richard M. JoelEmpowerment
Rabbi David HorwitzThe Sin of the Golden Calf
Rabbi Ozer GlickmanOn Becoming a Rabbi 
Rabbi Avraham GordimerMoshe's Intimate Encounter With God 
Esther FrederickBusting the Myth of Jews with Horns 
Rabbi Etan Moshe BermanThe Copper Laver: The Women's Vessel
Rabbi Dr. J. David BleichThe Halachic Controversy Concerning the Israeli Census
Rabbi Chaim JachterOur Recovery from Cheit HaEigel 
Rabbi Shmuel GoldinA Sin for the Ages
Rabbi Beinish GinsburgAchdus and the Struggle against Amalek
Rabbi Avigdor NebenzahlEmunas Chachomim
Rabbi Dovid GottliebTrue Splendor
Rabbi Shlomo EinhornThe Double Edge
Rabbi Maury GrebenauThe Moon that Jumped Over the Cow
Rabbis Stanley M Wagner and Israel DrazinOnkelos as an Alternative Translation 

Rabbi Jeremy WiederLaining for Parshat Ki Tisa
See all shiurim on YUTorah for Parshat Ki Tisa

This Week
Kashering a Microwave 
Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky

What is Tefillah? 
Rabbi Binny Friedman

The Study of Medicine by Kohanim
Dr. Edward Burns

Interenet and Technology 
Rabbi Jeremy Wieder

Introduction to the Music of Tefilla 
Cantor Joseph Malovany

The Relationship between the Mitzvah of Talmud Torah and Other Mitzvos 
Rabbi Hershel Schachter

Chinuch #1 - Love that they can feel
Rabbi Chaim Eisenstein

The Prohibition Against Litigating in Secular Court
Rabbi Yaacov Feit

Going beyond boundaries - Purim and the Tree of Life 
Rabbi Zev Reichman

History of Jewish Publishing: Who invented Rashi script, and why does it matter? 
Rabbi Mordechai Torczyner

A Torah Hashkafa on Facebook, Texting, and Blogging 
Rabbi Eric Goldman

And some Purim Katan shiurim.


Anonymous said...

a question, why jews dont stone anybody today as it is writen in the bible?
thank you

joshwaxman said...

i generally don't answer anonymous questions. please provide at least a pseudonym.

the laws of evidence required for execution by a proper Jewish court are such that they hardly ever executed anyone. as the Talmud states, a bet din (Jewish court) which executed one person in 70 years was called a "murderer bet din".

at some point close to the destruction of the second Temple, Romans removed this aspect of Jewish sovereignty and took away the ability to impose capital punishments. this was even looked upon by some Tannaim (Jewish authorities) at the time as a good thing, such that they were thankful for this, not deeming themselves skilled enough to judge in such matters. since then, we have lost the ordination which was in a human chain goes back to Moshe, such that we cannot establish a Sanhedrin.

why? do you think this would be a good thing? i also think that this is a hidden blessing, and can elaborate on this if you are interested.

all the best,

david said...

hi, it was me the first anonymous,
i have always loved read the bible, much more the israelite bible than the christian gospel, and the israelite culture and traditions, and i know religious jews dont stone nor want to do it these days, but never knew the teological explanation, the evolution in which some passages of the deuteronomy and leviticus are avoided, why some of them like the capital punishments has been abandoned and some other like kosher rules are kept.
i have read that the prophets book renewed the tora and made judaism a personal religion, that rabinic jews think the tanak is imperfect and they need the oral law as well...
your explanation about the destruction of the temple place the answer is out of the tanak, so i think the solution is in the oral law, although karaite jews dont stone anybody either and they refuse the oral law
samaritans only believe in the tora refusing the prophets and ketuvim and they dont either

well, too much questions i think.

thank you very much for your attention and your nice and fast answer


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