Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Succot-Related Posts

Nothing new on Succot (yet) this year. Here are posts from past years:

  • The surprising kosher Succah in Queens College. A photo.

  • Must one sit in a succah when one works in Manhattan? I think there is good reason to say that it is not required.

  • The Maharil on maamid, and why he holds that there is no basis for this requirement.
  • Covering one's sukkah with the Arba Minim, a practice of the Samaritans, but also partially a practice of us Prushim, in various forms. A discussion of the practices and their bases. Inpart one, noting the Samaritan practice and analyzing the pesukim to see if they support it. In part two, how Rabbi Yehuda actually holds like this, though his stated reason is far from the literalist reading. In part three, what the Karaites have to say. In part four, the Maharil speaking of how they covered their succahs with aravos.
  • May one buy a lulav / etrog from a minor? Why I have a strong inclination that the question is without foundation, but even if so, yes.
  • The prayer for a beautiful esrog, said on Tu BeShvat, and why I think such a tefillah is out of place today.
  • All of Rif on masechet Succah.
  • Succot To Go, 5770

  • Regarding Succah Intentions
    • Hirhurim has a post about a post-Talmudic innovation, require intention to remember the historical origin of succah, as a requirement for fulfilling the mitzvah. I suggest a Talmudic basis for this requirement.
  • Lima'an Yed'u *Diroteichem*
    • And this Talmudic basis is a derasha in masechet Succah which requires knowledge of sitting in the sukkah. Further, I claim it is an al tikra, "so that the people should know their dwelling," rather than "so that their generations should know."
  • Clouds as Schach, and Phytoplankton
    • How phytoplankton can change the weather to be more suited to their lifestyle. Plus a hook-in to succah, and whether clouds arose from above of below.
  • King David's Fallen Succah
    • hanofelet vs. hanofalet, and the distinction between the two. Plus, what is this fallen succah?
  • A Succah Higher Than 20 Amot
    • The same derasha as above.
  • Why Do We Sit In A Succah?
    • Homiletics. Three reasons for sitting in the succah.
  • HaGān, Mashiv HaRuach and the pseudo-pausal
    • should morid hatal be with a patach or kametz? The pseudo-pausal, and why thekametz is appropriate even if you say hageshem rather than hagashem.
  • Orthopraxy II - Sitting In A Succah
    • If you don't believe in God, how can you fulfill the obligation that God sat us in Succot when we left Egypt, and thus fulfill the mitzvah?

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