Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some thoughts on Baruch Shomer Havtachato

We just finished Rav's introduction, based on Sefer Yehoshua, of the early history of klal Yisrael. And it ended with the arrival in Egypt. I suggested that Rav's shevach has not yet arrived, according to the order in the Haggadah. It is yet to come, with the darshening of Arami Oved Avi. Still, we should not think that this development of the sons of Yaakov going down to Egypt, while Esav's descendants inheriting Har Seir, is entirely bad. It is all part of the Divine Plan, set in motion many years before. And this is a continuing relationship with Hashem, even in years that things look bleak, such as nowadays, when we are in galus. Thus:

We bless Hashem who kept his promise. This going down to Egypt was only for a set time, established at the Bris Bein Habesarim, that they would go down to a land not their own, and be oppressed for 400 years. And Hashem calculated this time, and waited for it.

And Hashem would of course punish that other nation for oppressing His people, but the end result is that they would leave, and with a great treasure. And this same promise which stood for them, stands for us as well. Because this oppression and yet Hashem's maintenance of a relationship, and a salvation, has stood for us throughout the generations. (Perhaps this is an expression of קרבנו לפני המקום?)

Alternatively, if the shevach was קרבנו לפני המקום of Avraham Avinu, then the bris bein habesarim with its long-standing havtacha is the shevach.


This also relates to the distinction we make, on Pesach, between chametz and matzah. In every generation they arise upon us le-challo-seinu. But Hashem is mazti-leinu miyadam. :)


This transitions into Tzei Ulemad, as an example of how Hashem saved us in every generation.

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