Thursday, April 01, 2010

Interesting Posts and Articles #263

  1. Books Received: Unlocking the Torah Text, on Vayikra, by Rabbi Shmuel Goldin. It is a rather nice book, but I am holding my full review until I finish it. At the moment, I am midway through Acharei Mos. In the meantime, there is an excerpt over at Hirhurim.
  2. a
  3. Finally, kasher leFesach paper towels! It is funny, but also sad. And the dangerous part is that it represents feature creep in Judaism. Just as nowadays there are plenty of things with hechsherim that did not need them in the past, twenty years from now there will be plenty of things which now purportedly need hechsherim. Even though mei'ikkur hadin they do not, from a sociological perspective, who wants to be the less frum person and risk people not eating at his house?
  4. Peter Parker is fired for photoshopping his photos.
  5. Daf Notes has a post on Superstition, and Gazing at Women.
  6. Rafi G. of Life In Israels goes up to Har Habayit.


ysh said...

There's an OU certified toilet bowl cleaner that people were howling about a few years ago. Oy meh haya lanu.

joshwaxman said...

and in israel, there has been kosher lefesach toilet paper.


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