Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The politically incorrect New York Times

I can understand why the New York Times is upset about the breaching of network security in India by a group of Chinese hackers, because of how it could negatively impact our own troops. Even so, this was rather uncalled for:

The intruders even stole documents related to the travel of NATO forces in Afghanistan, illustrating that even though the Indian government was the primary target of the attacks, one chink in computer security can leave many nations exposed.
“It’s not only that you’re only secure as the weakest link in your network,” said Rafal Rohozinski, a member of the Toronto team. “But in an interconnected world, you’re only as secure as the weakest link in the global chain of information.”


Ezra said...

That took me a minute to figure out, but now that I got it... funny stuff

zdub said...

Uh oh, jerky scrolling again...

joshwaxman said...

what browser are you using? and are you using space bar or arrow keys to scroll? (trying to reproduce the problem.)



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