Thursday, March 11, 2010

Posts so far for parshat Pekudei


  1. Pekudei sources -- revamped from last year. More than 100 meforshim on the parasha and haftara.


  1. Pekudei sources -- links by aliyah and perek to an online Mikraos Gedolos, and a whole slew of meforshim on the parsha and haftara.
  1. Moshe's blessing -- what was its contents? An open vs. closed canon approach.

  2. Who brought the Ketoret during the Days of Muluim? Moshe or Aharon? Rashi says something. Or does he?
  • The Curtain over the Ark of Testimony
    • was it the veil which shielded the ark? or the kapporet (a gold covering) which covered the ark? The Masoretic text and Tg. Onkelos vs. Targum Yonatan.
to be continued...

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