Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interesting Posts and Articles #262

  1. At HebrewBooks.org, Zos Toras HaKenaos, by Rav Yaakov Emden.
  2. At Hirhurim, R' Ari Enkin with an analysis of whether a hat and jacket is required for davening. As he writes:
    As the consensus of most contemporary halachic authorities is that there is no true obligation to wear a hat or jacket when praying, doing so has become more of a sign of social affiliation than anything else
  3. The perils of Facebook.
  4. The Seforim blog with a discussion of kitniyot and marijuana on Pesach.
  5. Wolfish Musings with a segulah story. Putting back your siddur after davening is purportedly a segulah for parnassah. But someone does not see the forest for the trees, a trap easy to fall into when following segulahs.
  6. Yachdus hosted this week's Haveil Havolim. Shkoyach.

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thanbo said...

I think Hebrewbooks.org gets most of its material from the Chabad library (you know, the one they sued Barry Gourary over). This one (Zos Toras Hakenaos) is pretty shvach. It's missing a lot of pages.

For a complete one, see the copy at JNUL, which was Scholem's copy.


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