Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #113

  1. At Mystical Paths, Reb Gutman Locks about his interaction with Christians coming to put on tefillin.

  2. Professor Levine with an accumulation of articles about segulos. (here, here, here, and this is a 55 meg PDF, so save it and then view it)

  3. Avakesh notes the appearance of Beyond Agent Emes videos -- hashkafos for adults, and asked where one goes from here.

  4. Dixie Yid on the tradeoff between Chabad's great mesirus nefesh and their belief that only their way is the real correct way, and how one may cause the other.

  5. A Mother In Israel has an exclusive -- the official Chareidi guide to modest necklines.

  6. Lion of Zion on the implications of a pregnant soldierette fighting Hamas, and a chatan straight from his chuppah doing the same. (With a followup to the latter, here.)

  7. Also, see my post on whether Rav Eliyahu "confirmed" the miracle of Rochel Imeinu appearing to the soldiers and helping them out. Together with the somewhat active comment section.

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