Monday, January 05, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #109

  1. Dave Barry's Year in Review.

  2. Rabbi Slifkin, in defense of his opponents.

  3. Claims of a Da Vinci mirror code.

  4. Life of Rubin reports that the Lipa event goes live.

  5. The New York Times reports on a correlation between religion and self-control.

  6. High-tech schnorring, noted by Life in Israel. Also, the Sam Malone method for violence in Ramat Bet Shemesh, standing up in RBS-B, and the one community initiative.

  7. On The Main Line presents a censored text from a Lakewood high school history class, and proposes a "maskilic" solution to a 40 year old question.

  8. Interesting pictures of a sign at an anti-Israel protest -- Death to all Juice. Here is what appears to be the same sign, a bit later. (Note the lettering is exactly the same, but Zionists was inserted in parentheses.)

  9. New regulations threaten the homemade toy injury, because of practices in China.

  10. Haaretz interviews and discusses Megeirot. Scary.

  11. The Seforim blog discusses Mei'achsanya shel Torah, of Rabbi Moshe Hubner. Includes a discussion of whether the later stanzas of Lecho Dodi are a forgery and later insertion (no), whether to publish posthumously against the wishes of the author, and his Yiddish Talmud translation.

  12. We recently began Daf Yomi Bava Kamma. Follow along at Rif Yomi.

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