Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #87

  1. With relevance to the role of red clothing for women (and possibly for men) in Talmudic sources, here is an article about a study in which men found women wearing red to be more attractive. Thus, as part of the experiment:
    Men were then shown photographs of a woman that were identical except that the researchers digitally made her shirt red in some versions or blue in others. And once again, the men strongly favoured the woman in red.
    But as I noted quite a while back, they found a similar result of a red over blue preference in judges of Taekwondo competitions.

  2. At Hirhurim, an over-the-top (though quite likely seriously intended) article on home renovation and demons.

    Also, a noteworthy comment in the comment section:
    Two YU RY on the will of RYH {Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid}:

    1: It's "troubling."
    2: It's kefira.

    I'm sorry, but this post makes it sound like this is standard halacha that everyone accepts, when in fact many many rabbis are (thankfully) willing to say that it's nonsense.
  3. At WolfishMusings, a response to a suggestion how to deal with frum atheists, or frum suspected atheists.

  4. Google settles book-scan lawsuit for $125 million.

  5. According to the Yeshiva Words, Jerusalem mayoral candidate R' Meir Porush supports status quo in several respects, including the Gay Pride parade (because the Supreme Court will force the mayor's hand anyway). Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  6. Via Chaptzem: Heard in front of a prominent heimishe girls' school:
    "I told the girls in my class yesterday that Japan is in Europe. What should I do?"

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