Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #83

  1. WolfishMusings posts and comments on "The Attack of the Torah-learning Zombies," an unfortunate vision of messianic times. Perhaps I'll share my own thoughts on it in a later post.

  2. Joy of Tech presents the good news, and bad news, of the polar ice caps melting.

  3. Balashon with a discussion of the connection, or lack thereof, of the words ish and isha, relevant to parshat Bereishit. And how Rashi's lashon nofel al lashon may connote pun, despite lack of "true" etymological connection.

  4. A Cartoon-off between the New Yorker and xkcd. 9 slides, you need to click next (in the middle of the page) repeatedly.

  5. Governor Palin visits SNL:


Anonymous said...

1)It says KI TOIV,but why not by the creation of man?
2)Why does it say KI TOIV by the seperation Between Light and Dark if seperation is bad?
3)It says that a Tzaddik is never Nichshal a food that is Assur if so why did Adam eat from the Eitz Hadas?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!

And I guess we have similar interests, since I'd already seen the New Yorker piece and the SNL clip...

Anonymous said...

I am sure I dont have to Remind You but I hope You checked Your Shadow last Night (;
And if you sit in the Sukkah of the Levyason its Posul it can Become Tumah?


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