Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #37

  1. Life Of Rubin on chillul Hashem -- being nice won't kill you
  2. Medieval censorship of Yona Matz'ah.
  3. OnTheMainLine on a mother's milk segulah.
  4. Pravda Neeman, and Yeshiva World, and naturally Emes veEmunah on how a police demand for an autopsy sparks a riot in Geulah.
  5. Muslims are upset about the trend of Saudi youth wearing kabbalah red string. But then notes that Saudi girls wear green or yellow thread around their wrists. This is what the article had to say:
    Thamir Abdullah, a secondary school student, said that many of his friends were influenced by international football players in wearing the red string bracelet. He added that he stopped wearing his own red string band after reading some of the warnings that were carried by websites.

The following is not new, but who says is has to be?
  1. Avakesh has a review of Heaven on Earth: Reflections on the Theology of Rabbi Menachem Mendel M. Schneerson.
  2. A shiur by Rav Schachter about the mitzvah of mezuzah for renters

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