Thursday, May 08, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #28

  1. LifeInIsrael posts pictures of a cow fetus found in a slaughtered cow.
  2. posts video and a news article about a man in Canada fined for having a mezuzah in his cab:
    Though he is not a religious person, he insists the small mezuzahs, embedded discreetly in the posts between front and rear seats, are there as a charm, along with a prayer for safety.


    Treitel said it is not unusual for a Jew to have a mezuzah in a car or even a private jet.

    “It's been an item of protection from days of old.”

    Although not that common in cars, it can be seen by observant Jews as “a form of guidance and strength.”

    “Some people keep it in the glove compartment, some will hang it near the door. I've seen it many times.”
  3. On the subject of golden emerods?
  4. What Is Bothering Artscroll posts an excerpt from a review by Zvi Zohar of Artscroll's Aleppo; City of Scholars mentioning the glossing over of a mention of Me’or Eynayim by Azaria dei Rossi, and more. Good stuff.
  5. e-Sefer posts anti-Internet posters (i, ii, iii)
  6. Transgender student is age 9
  7. Thanking God - An Analogy

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how they handle 9 year old apotemnophiliacs.


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