Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #14

  1. Alan Dershowitz on "The Entrapment of Eliot" in the WSJ
  2. and in "Spitzer Has Sinned, But It's Our Sex Obsession That's Criminal" in the Forward
  3. "Ben Stein's Case For Intelligent Design" in the Forward
  4. Iyov has a useful post on how to re-enable "Search Inside the Book" at Amazon.com, using Firefox. I tried to access a book on Amazon a few days ago, and mistakenly thought that Amazon had removed this feature.
  5. Winifred over at What's Bothering Artscroll notes the lack of trup in the Artscroll Ohel Sarah Women's Siddur. I would guess that medakdekim means meticulous rather then grammarians, in this context, and that Artscroll figured that since Orthodox women do not prepare for their bar mitzvah, the vast majority of their readers would not only not be actually reading the trup (as it was not their parents' custom or communities' custom), but would not be able to make sense of the trup even if they were so inclined. Still, an interesting point.

1 comment:

Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...

I liked Dershowitz's articles, I made many of the same points in my Shabbat derasha last week, but I disagree with his inclusion of "adultery" on the list of things whose criminalization is anachronistic.


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