Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interesting Articles and Posts #15

  1. Wired: How to create your own font.
  2. Wired: Giant Marine Life Found In Antarctic
    Large sea spiders, jellyfish with 12-foot tentacles, huge sea snails and starfish the size of big food platters were found during a 50-day voyage, marine scientist Don Robertson said.

    Cold temperatures, a small number of predators, high levels of oxygen in the sea water and even longevity could explain the size of some specimens.
  3. Hard Time Killing Fraud
    • Heh. Read this one. Calls to mind one half of Eliyahu on Har ha-Carmel. An atheist vs. a tantric. And the fact that he is an atheist is relevant.
  4. Obama speech transcript
  5. Fitting Chassidus into a Baal Teshuva's Life
    and the ensuing comment thread
  6. Also from BeyondBT: What to do when you adopted a chumra of not eating gebroks but then realize what it is, and that your family custom was to eat it?
  7. The Guardian's two-part article about Tranquility Bay.

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