Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Transliteration - request for comment

As you can see from other posts on this blog, I'm working on transliteration. Comments are welcome on the examples (of "Academic" and "Ashkenazic").

Part of this work is transliterating to multiple transliteration schemes in use. (e.g. "oy" or "oi" for cholam, "th" for saf, etc.)

What is your transliteration scheme? Where did you learn it?

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Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

I'm actually pretty lazy about transliterations, although I sort of have a platonic transliteration scheme that I think I should adhere to rattling about in my head. ;)

Basically, I kind of like the idea of consistently adding and h after a hard begefkefet letter without the daghesh, on the model of Ephraim (e.g., Yom Tobh, Shabbath). Doubling the other letters with a daghesh.

Unfortunately this scheme, like most, becomes unwieldy. Who wants to see "Bbarukh"?

So, I mainly use the scheme in the TuM Journal. It's neat enough to be intelligible, and scholarly enough not to get lauged at. :)


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